Management Recruitment

We help you recruit “gourmet” management talent that can take your restaurant to the next level.

Perennial Restaurant Group Consulting offers professional management recruitment services to restaurants and other business in the food and beverage industry. As a proven industry leader, we offer expert assistance in finding and placing exceptional restaurant management talent.

Professionals We Place:

  • General Managers
  • Executive Chefs
  • Kitchen Managers
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Sous Chefs
  • Area Directors
  • Banquet Chefs
  • Banquet Managers
  • Catering Directors
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • Controllers
  • Clubhouse Managers
  • Culinary Services Directors
  • Dining Room Managers
  • Director of Patient Relations
  • Director of Operations
  • Directors of Community Relations
  • Directors of Food Service
  • Directors of Sales & Marketing
  • Executive Directors
  • Food & Beverage Directors/Managers
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Marketing Directors/Managers
  • Multi-Unit Directors
  • Regional Directors/Managers
  • Sales Directors/Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Vice Presidents of Operations

Skilled management of your business is crucial to its success. Perennial Restaurant Group Consulting has the experience and contacts in the hospitality industry to provide clients with the kind of “gourmet” management talent that can take your restaurant to the next level. Producing an award-winning dish takes more than just the right ingredients; it takes expertise, talent, skill, a proven process, and creative flair. The same can be said of an award-winning restaurant; the success of the establishment is dependent on the skill, expertise, management system and personal creativity of the folks in charge.

If you’re looking for expert restaurant management recruitment services from a industry leading expert, we can help you set your establishment apart from the rest. You need the skills, dedication, experience, and resources our restaurant consultants bring to the table. Our experienced staff brings a unique depth of knowledge and experience to every project and will customize a solution for your unique needs. Contact us today and learn how our consultants can help you achieve the kind of results you crave.