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Perennial Restaurant Group is a full-service consulting and design firm for the restaurant and hospitality industry.  We can provide solutions for new and existing restaurants.  Below is a sampling of our services. 

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New Restaurants

If you’re going to the heart of the jungle, it helps to go with someone who’s been there before. We’ve launched countless successful projects, from large semi-upscale restaurants to fast-casual concepts. We plan, prepare, and execute (and know when to improvise) to ensure your vision becomes reality. Our advanced restaurant consultant services include:

Feasibility Studies

We evaluate the probability of success and risks associated with your restaurant project.

Business Plans

A business plan will address goals for your restaurant and ways to achieve them.

Brand Development

We identify the elements that personify your brand and use them to enhance your restaurant.

Human Resources

We handle all your recruitment and employee onboarding and training.

Menu Development

We develop recipes to create innovative menus for your restaurant.

Custom Design Development

We optimize the layout and design of your restaurant for functionality and customer experience.

Financial Assessments

We improve your restaurant profitability.

Bar Consulting

Perennial Restaurant Group’s food and beverage consultants create a customized business plan for your bar to ensure its optimal success.

Kitchen & Bar Design Consulting

We help design your restaurant kitchen & bar to optimize organization and maximize profits.

Bartender at the bar trained by Perennial Restaurant Group Consulting.

Existing Restaurants

There comes a point when every great concept runs smack into reality. Employee management, supply chain issues, ticket times; nearly every restaurant has some problem (or ten) holding it back. Whatever your challenge is, our services are designed to help restaurants achieve their full potential.

Restaurant Turnaround

We help existing restaurants get back to where they need to be.

Hospitality Management

We ensure quality control and a pleasant experience for your customers.

Operations Consulting

We evaluate the operations of your restaurant and help get your business to optimal efficiency.

Human Resources Management

We ensure restaurant team members are placed and trained in roles where they and the business thrive.

Labor Management

We increase your restaurant’s efficiency, productivity, and profit margin by identifying areas where you may be losing money.

Employees & Training

We offer employee training to ensure your restaurant is operating efficiently and profitably.

Management Recruitment

We help you recruit leadership talent that can take your restaurant to the next level.

Quality Assurance

We create a system to monitor your restaurant’s performance.

Expert Witness

We offer restaurant industry expertise in lawsuits, disputes, and insurance claims.

Investment Structure

We offer consulting for individuals looking for restaurant investment opportunities.

Sustainability Consulting

We develop strategies to make your restaurant sustainable and profitable.

Technology Consulting

We use technology to streamline processes and improve guest experience within your restaurant.

Forbes, AAA & Michelin Standards Training

We offer staff and leadership training adhering to AAA Five-Diamond, Forbes Five-Star, and Michelin Three-Star standards.

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